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Our Alex


Alex admiring Biltmore Estate, the 250 room French renaissance revival style chateau

Alex painting.jpg

Painting by Alex

Alex was born August 1989 in Fairfax County Virginia; and grew up in the State of Arkansas. He attended Dermott, Little Rock and North Little Rock public schools. He entered the world with love and happiness. Growing up, Alex was almost always happy.


Alex’s untimely and unexpected passing will never ever be completely understood. However, we will continue uplifting his personification. We will do as much as we can to inspire other youth as Alex would have inspired. We will encourage, enlighten and engender the causes that Alex would want. And we will work patiently, with honesty and integrity, to ensure that our Alex memory is not just a keepsake but a reality through the lives of others.


Time by Alex


Time, time, and time again.

From the past to the present time stands the same

even in as a different name.

Roman numerals or basic numbers time is what changes a place.

Time is money in the business world,

and when time moves so does theworld.

Commander of the sun and moon time changes day to night.

Erases the dark and brings the light.

Like a magnetic attracting people during day and the opposite at night.

Time, time, and time again never will it stop even if it is

not shown to spin.

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