STE+AM in Architecture

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Photo credit:  Alex Foundation

Students at Drew Central Middle School, Monticello, Ark., November 2017


During STE+AM (science, technology, engineering, art plus architecture and math, students at Drew Central Middle School became strategic designers and builders of a structural system (bridge, frame, diagrid and cantilever) using toothpicks, marshmallows and gum drops.  They were shown how architects use digital fabrication tools to increase the performance and construction assembly on buildings.  The students built a house they designed using digitally fabricated panels.  Professor Alison Turner, University of Arkansas Fay Jones School of Architecture was their instructor.

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Photo credit:  Alex Foundation

Nancy Chikaraishi, AIA, Drury University professor of architecture provided STE+AM instructions at Conner Jr. High School in McGehee, Ark., October 2016. Professor Chikaraishi is the daughter of Ben Chikaraishi, who, along with former Star Trek actor, George Takei, was interned in Desha County, Ark. after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor.

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Photo credit: Alex Foundation

Students at Lakeside Middle School, Lake Village, Ark. October 2017


During STE+AM, students were tasked with envisioning and designing the City of Lake Village, creating multi-functional uses of the city’s existing spaces and the city’s future developments. Students used enhanced aerial maps to capture the city’s landscape; and used wood blocks and boards to construct models.

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Photo credit:  Alex Foundation

Angie Carpenter, AIA, Fay Jones School of Architecture assistant professor presents to students during the Alex Foundation’s STE+AM in Technology and Architecture at Lakeside Middle School in Lake Village, Ark., February 2014.

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Photo credit:  Alex Foundation

Russell Rudzinski, AIA, Fay Jones School of Architecture professor presents to students during the Alex Foundation’s STE+AM at Conner Junior High School in McGehee, February 2018.