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Our Motivation

Alex was a very giving and helpful young man. He was an entrepreneur at an early age-from reselling snacks at 8 years old-to designing t-shirts, remixing music and bidding on eBay. When he had competition, he would say, “Mom looks like I’m going to have to lower my prices because of the competition”.


He was always very concerned about others. He wanted to share with others and help others. Although he was from very modest means, he saw that sharing with others was very important.


The Alex Foundation intent is to embody the heart and spirit of Alex. Our goal is to give to others in some small way—in a way that would make Alex smile—to help inspire and encourage someone to pursue their educational and professional goals; and in doing so, we will help keep Alex’s spirit alive.


Alex enjoyed school, college and learning. During high school and college, we would sort through the voluminous finanical assistance informatin in an effort to obtain finanical rewards. This page provides resource options for high school students who may need a little help in preparation for their college experience. 

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The Future of Design

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